Science is about knowing, engineering is about doing!

Time may very well be money, but we consider every minute spent servicing an order to be an investment as we believe that a sale goes well beyond a simple money exchange for product exchange. We believe our reputation has been built on service and quality and that our customers have come to depend on it. Both as a company and among individual staff members, we are dedicated to maintaining our proud service reputation at the highest possible level.

Izumi Engineering & Manufacturing are involved on a wide range of products on a daily basis. Many items are manufactured from customer supplied samples and/or drawings. Although we are primarily a gear manufacturing business, we do both general and precision engineering in terms of turning and milling.

Services include going to site to assist customers in identifying the mechanical issue they may have with a machine. On site we are able to measure and draw the component or components so that we can immediately start manufacturing a new replacement component for the customer. Services include repairs to most brands of industrial geared units and geared motors. We are available on a 24/7 basis for any breakdowns that our customers may experience.

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